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snowboard village

The micro compact homes are raised above the ground providing natural space and airflow between the cube and the ground surface, minimizing foundation disturbance and touching the earth lightly. The aluminium subframes have three legs, which are height adjustable to enable the micro homes to be located horizontally on the mountainside. After securing the subframe to the slope, the 1.8 tone micro compact homes are lifted by crane over trees or shrubs. A lighter weight 1.4 tone unit is available and designed with lifting points for helicopter delivery to remote sites. Space below the m-ch allows the natural landfall and ground surface to be uninterrupted and illuminated at night from the led light fittings located flush with the underside. Clean energy for the snowboard village can be provided using solar panels and vertical axis wind generators. These are mounted on the mast and roof.

There is the option of glass fronted clip on micro wood burning stoves that can provide a natural warmth and aroma to enhance the intimate atmosphere inside the home.

A storage frame for small logs can be attached to the underside of the cube, as can lockable aluminium containers for skis and snowboards etc. nothing clutters the ground and snow surface.